Orsolya Korcsolan
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"When I began planning this CD I knew that the music of these three "Golds" would fit together perfectly. Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Carl Goldmark have long been favorites of mine. Rubin Goldmark I discovered later while living in New York and Ifeel very privileged to be making the first ever recording of his wonderful piece "Plaintive Air." All three of these extraordinary composers in one way or another changed the musical landscape of their time."(Orsolya Korcsolan)
Orsolya Korcsolan -- violinEmese Mali -- piano
Recording:Executive Producer: Gergely SugárRecording Producer: Michael HaasExecutive Solo Musica Producer: Hubert HaasRecording Engineer: Georg Burdicek / tonzauber
Available @ Solo Musica Münchenhttp://www.solo-musica....
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Jewish Summer Festival Budapest,
Orsolya Korcsolan-violin,
Bálint Zsoldos-piano